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In remembrance of the Tequila Rally’s 40th anniversary

The original Tequila Motorcycle Rallies (1980 at Rubicon River & 1981 at Mt Bullfight) were organised by the Mexicans’ Motorcycle Fraternity, Victoria, to raise funds for the Montrose House Drug Rehabilitation Centre, with $1,000 donated from the two rallies.

The 2020 Rally will have the usual rally awards and a family friendly atmosphere of food, drinks and music with a large area of natural forest next door and miles of great roads nearby to explore.

We aim to raise awareness and funds for the work of the HOPE Restart Centre, Lucknow, East Gippsland in their efforts to give a second chance for those in the grip of serious addictions.

We also aim to do justice to the spirit of the original Tequila Rallies.

The 1980 Tequila badge’s  cactus has grown taller  & the two birds are closer to landing 40 years later.