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A Christian motorcyclist may be invited into membership by any Pilgrim who has known them for two or so years. Membership, like salvation, is free, but it came at a cost and comes with great responsibilities, because we honour or denigrate the name of Jesus Christ  by what we say and do.

The Pilgrim shield is worn on the right-shoulder or front right side of a vest & the Pilgrim CMC patch is on the front on the upper left side.

The large Peregrine Cross can be used on the upper back of either a jacket or vest, but without any additional wording.

Midway & Bikers Church patches are occasionally available & the sterling-silver Pilgrim CMC ring is available by group pre-order. Any queries regarding requirements of/for membership can be sent to your state coordinator from the "Contact us" details below.

All Pilgrims are encouraged to support other Christian ministries/associations, including CMA Australia & events promoting goodwill, such as Memorial Runs, Toy Runs and Triennial Christian Clubs and Associations Conferences.

The motorcycle one rides, as important as it is, will always be of secondary importance to the member's character, their Christian maturity, commitment and care towards one another.

Each member may have their own preference regarding bikes, which is to be respected, but as a club it is more critical that their bike be reliable and roadworthy. Members own or have owned bikes from almost every major manufacturer.

We are involved in running Rallies, Midway Runs, Bikers Breakfasts, Bikers Church, meeting with other motorcyclists, going to bike races and rallies, as we aim to show our unity in Christ and encourage one another on our journey within the motorcycle scene.

Pilgrim CMC members are in every state but with the majority of members in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

Friend of the Outcast badges:

$5 each: chrismcale@gmail.com

Vinyl Bike Stickers ‘PILGRIM CMC’ - 120mm  & ‘Peregrine Cross’ - 75mm  $5 each + $1 postage/if applicable  Bank transfer to:  Christopher McAleer 944-300 015835065 + send delivery address to:  chrismcale@gmail.com

email addresses for all enquiries:

Queensland Coordinator

Adrian: frodobaggins62@y7mail.com

Victorian Coordinator

Lyn:  lschoold@bigpond.net.au

South Australian Coordinator  

Perry: pcampbell@stpauls.sa.edu.au

Southern Sons Chapter Coordinator

Norm: normazz@gmail.com

Prayer Letter

Chris: chrismcale@gmail.com